Welcome to here you will find the latest information on Ps5 Jailbreak for your playstation console. We are ahead of our time offering what will be the next big thing in sony playstation. This will be the most sold console ever to hit the market. Expected sales will be triple from any other playstation ever to be released. The reason for this is the technology that is inputed is more in depth. When  a company has released a few products and they havent failed, there items just get better and better. So we expect with the technology updating every year that the ps5 will be bigger than ever. It seems no matter how much sony tries to stop a jailbreak there seems to be someone that can create a exploit.

There will be no doubt a exploit will be created and  people will seek trying to find out a working Jailbreak for the ps5.  The question is will it ever be done?. One would think that sony has had a tough lesson learnt from previous models including PS4 and the PS3 consoles. For those who may not remember there was a  kernel exploit found in the PlayStation 4 firmware version 1.76. This explout allowed people to run third party apps called “Homebrew”. What this did was allowed players to play cracked games.


With any new device there is trial and errors, when people work out a way to Jailbreak a device, there is always some sort of issues. They may have to buy more than 2 consoles before its 100% tested.  This will then get leaked onto the market. By completing a Jailbreak there is always some sort of risk. This can lead to voiding your warranty on your machine. Sony states in there terms and conditions that any console that is tampered with will not be under warranty. Generally when most Jailbreak’s are on the market they have been tested as mentioned before.


In 2016 sony has started the production of the PS5 with allot more features such as connecting to apps – such as android and IOS. creating a super slim console. The one feature sony has been trying for previous models is the camera, for those that may remember the eye toy that was apart of  the ps2, this was more of a testing unit, but did not really take off.
This was never left behind, sony has been working very hard for the future. and with the release of virtual games, more people are taking a interest. Game companies are currently testing virtual games.


Did you ever see in the shops a few years ago virtual reality games and glasses ?. As you no these never really had a market for the household but was a product of things to come. With new web sites like twitch this has seen a growing trend in virtual reality. The other question is to be asked what can sony add to there virtual reality glasses ? They can certainly increase HD and recording ability. One can be assured that with sony the will have something big in the pipeline.

Keeping the Ps5 Jailbreak updated

We are even thinking they will release a limited edition PS5 Console with a set of virtual glasses. This will be the for front of sales. The demand will be very high and would not suprise us in some way.  Sony will work a way to connect to a ANDROID or IOS so people can watch them play games to live in the real world. Games like Pokemon or one bieng released Destiny 2 go for example is the first out game door to be released.

It does not matter what will happen with the PS5 it will be bigger and better than ever. No doubt even with the games the graphics will be clearer and more real to life. There is already talk that game companies are starting to focus on the PS5 and leaving the development of previous models behind.

We will keep this site updated with more pages in time to come as we watch what will happen with the Ps5 Console and what it will have to offer. Players are always looking for other alternatives on the market and all we can do is keep people updated with the latest information. No doubt its a matter of time before this will take place. We all have a rite to read information and what is on offer.