PS3 Jailbreak

PS3 Jailbreak 4.81 OFW to CFW : The fact that you came to this page means: you are either planning to buy PS3 and considering whether or not to convert it to PS3 Jailbreak, you already have one and are looking for the final “shove” to take the leap of converting to PS3 Jailbreak, or you already have one and are looking for s solid argument not to give in to the temptation of going to the dark side of console gaming.

To make the record straight, PS3 Jailbreak is not a tool to promote or support piracy. PS3 Jailbreak was created to give developers and modders who love to create programs and applications for the PlayStation platform a way to execute their creative genius.

Not all PS3 models are created equal so it’s also natural that not all PS3 can be converted to PS3 Jailbreak. So far, only models 3.55 and lower can be converted to PS3 Jailbreak. Apparently, Sony made a mistake and generated the wrong update signature decryption key. A number that’s supposed to be random came out static, and it did not take long before someone figured out their encryption key. Because of this, developers are able to sign a customized firmware (CFW) update that models 3.55 and lower recognize as official. Sony patched it up in 3.56 but those that initially had 3.55 firmware can be changed back to its unpatched state using a flasher, making them convertible to PS3 Jailbreak.

If your PS3 happens to be higher than 3.55, don’t worry, you can still revert it back to 3.55 using a hardware flasher. Once downgraded, you can proceed with the regular jailbreak process.


Everyone who owns or plans to buy a PS3 has most likely heard of the term “jailbreak.” Jailbreak is the process of “breaking” or modifying the console’s original firmware so that it becomes free from Sony’s restrictions and able to perform extended functions.

Unlike an original PS console, a PS3 Jailbreak is capable of saving and using back-up files using the console’s native language and without regional restriction, which gives you peace of mind to some extent knowing that you have an extra physical copy of your entire game library and other files inside your pocket.

  • Nostalgia Remedy

PS3 Jailbreak can operate out-of-print, retro games using stand-alone or extension app emulators. Perfect for those days when you’re having nostalgia attack and simply want to hole up in your room and relive the glory of your past adventures.

  • Disc-free Gaming

PS3 Jailbreak gives you access to Homebrew apps that lets you rip files from DVD, BluRay, PS3, PSX, and PS3 discs and copy them in your hard drive or USB. You should celebrate because your days of worrying over borrowed game discs and overused DVD games that are so scratched they won’t play anymore is finally over!

  • Mods and Cheats

Are you good with coding and game design? Why not try creating mods for your favorite games? PS3 Jailbreak allows programmers to create game mods for better gaming experience. Mods can also be used to augment an existing game’s replay value by adding new weapons or equipment. You can also download cheat codes to try games that you’ve already finished in a different difficulty level, in God-mode, and other twists.

  • Dev-Mode

PS3 Jailbreak allows you to install other OS, such as Linux, and editors that let you create programs for PS3. It also activates more advanced options and functions that are useful when you are developing content for the PS platform.

  • Faster Launching

PS3 Jailbreak lets you launch games or apps straight from your network or external drive, which is faster than if you launch programs from the disc. It can also improve the booting up speed of your unit by changing the boot up logo and sound and removing the epilepsy warning.
Video Format
PS3 Jailbreak can download and play high definition MKV videos (which essentially have the same quality as AVI videos but at half the file size) directly from both internal and external hard drives, thus saving hours you of work and storage space.

  • Homebrew Apps

PS3 Jailbreak can install and run homebrew or “pirated” games and apps, allowing users to “test” a game before they buy the legit copy. (We are saying this because we don’t want to promote or support piracy. Instead, let’s support our developers who spent hundreds of hours just to complete that 10GB lump of codes and data that you only took a few minutes to rip, download, and had fun with.)
In addition to that, it allows you to use a BluRay drive with your motherboard without taking the drive apart and install and use download plug-ins like Torrent streamers and TV Channels.
Storage is also not a problem as you can just insert external or internal hard drive as needed.


PS3 Jailbreak is a dope and if not for the legal implications of using PS3 jailbreak, we are sure everyone would love to have his or her PS console converted to Jailbreak. Since all PS consoles belong to Sony, they have the right to determine the purpose and extent of use of all the products and services related to them. If Sony decides to keep other programs out of PS3, then that’s perfectly within their right and power to do so and there’s nothing the gamers can do about it. It so happens that they are only allowing certain programs to be used legitimately with the PS consoles, and the rest is illegal. If caught using them, Sony can ban your console so that you can never use them again.

  • No More Firmware Upgrade

Since PS3 Jailbreak is essentially a contraband from Sony’s perspective, you will lose all privileges that comes with your original PS3 console the moment you jailbreak it. One of them is getting firmware upgrades. Fortunately, Sony has not been coming out with jaw-dropping features for a long time now so you don’t have a reason to fret about it. You are not really missing out on anything major, unless you need to send back your unit to Sony under warranty. In that case, you better remove all traces of jailbreak on your console before shipping it to them or you could permanently get banned.

  • None or Limited PSN Access

Another one, which is more important to gamers than Sony’s firmware upgrade, is you’re banned from getting Game and PSN Updates. Signing in to PlayStation Network (PSN) requires the latest firmware. Thus, converting your console to Jailbreak means you give up your access to PSN, which in return makes you lose out on game updates, use of cloud storage for game saves, and view and download discounted DLC (downloadable content) or new games.

  • None or Limited Online Gaming

Perhaps the most painful setback of PS3 Jailbreak is you’re limited from playing online games. Going online means you have to log in to the PSN, which will not work if you are using PS3 Jailbreak. Some games are playable offline but you can’t really enjoy a great game to the fullest without experiencing the thrill and excitement of sharing it with other gamers IRL (in real life). You can still play solo or via split screen, but as mentioned earlier, it won’t be half as fun as going online.


As mentioned earlier, you cannot go online using PS3 Jailbreak. Doing so will allow Sony or the Game Developers to see your CFW, which is a good enough reason to ban either your account or your console. Apparently, that’s a bit too much for gamers to swallow. So PS3 Jailbreak developers and modders looked for a way to mask their PS3 Jailbreak and trick Sony and game servers into thinking that your PS3 Jailbreak has the latest software update. This allows you to access PSN and play online without getting banned.
It takes smarts to play this right, though, because you absolutely cannot afford to let Sony or the game servers detect that you are using PS3 Jailbreak. Meaning, you have you take extra care to ensure that you are signed out from PSN and not connected to the Internet before you use Jailbreak apps.
Because of the availability of “spoofers,” a lot of gamers, especially those who play online games like Destiny, got encouraged to go rogue and convert their console into PS3 Jailbreak. However, being one of the games with the tightest security, a lot of Destiny gamers ended up getting banned by Bungie.


Destiny gamers were puzzled on how Bungie seem to know whenever they try to use PS3 Jailbreak despite their effort to use “spoofers.” At one point, a gamer created twelve accounts to find out what gave away his PS3 Jailbreak. Unfortunately, he also got banned twelve times, each with different interval. His longest survival streak without using Anti-ban e-Boot was 7 weeks. “I’ve been trying everything but it always resulted in getting banned,” he expressed on the forum.

Despite the challenges, gamers continue to explore ways on how to defeat Bungie’s anti-cheat system.
A senior member at shared her tried and tested mini guide on how to play online using PS3 Jailbreak with relatively low chance of getting banned. She keeps the guide updated every time a new patch comes out.

PS3 Jailbreak 4.81 OFW to CFW

Here are some important take-away from her guide:

  • Install the LATEST version of PSN patch and webMAN MOD. Once installed, launch VSH Menu Load System by Holding R1 + X.
  • Use your own CID Private to update PSN Patch file. DO NOT buy a PS3 CID Private or use CCAPI (Console Control API) / TMAPI (Target Manager API) to change your Console ID.
  • If your Original CID has been banned: Restart PS3 then enter webMAN MOD to load game on PS3 or PSN. Once you have the game, use PSN Patch to change the Original CID to CID
  • Private. DO NOT USE CFW SYSCALL DISABLE. Instead, exit to Dashboard, hold “Select” to load the VSH Menu, choose “Disable Syscalls = CFW Syscall Disabled + Clean History. Log in to PSN.
  • If your Original CID is clear (not banned), you don’t need to PSN Patch. Go to the Dashboard, hold “Select” to load the VSH Menu, choose “Disable Syscalls = CFW Syscall Disabled + Clean
  • History. Log in to PSN.
  • Use clean MOD MENU to avoid getting flagged for modding.

Remember that as long as you’re using PS3 Jailbreak, the risk of getting banned is always present. It’s good to know that PS3 Jailbreak developers and modders are continuously improving available CFW and app extensions to stay abreast with Sony’s and Game Developers’ updates. Now it’s up to you to protect your account by playing smart and safe. Meaning, don’t give Sony and Bungie, if you’re a Destiny player, reason to ban you by doing reckless things such as:

  • Using Homebrew apps while connected to the Internet. (If you’re forgetful, use the latest version of Cobra to prevent your PS3 Jailbreak from running Homebrew apps when you are online.)
  • Not running PSN Patch or other reliable “spoofer” to delete your logs and mask your CFW before going online.
  • Not using Anti-ban EBOOT when playing games that could use one.
  • Synchronizing trophies gained while playing unreleased, prototype, or incomplete games offline on PSN.
  • Flaunting your mods in public (fastest way to get reported by other players).

Now that you have learned enough about PS3 Jailbreak, were you able to make your decision? Whether you choose to convert your unit to PS3 Jailbreak or not, always remember that your account’s safety is always your responsibility.