PS4 PRO JAILBREAK – When asked why gamers want to convert their already extensively functional–not to mention expensive–PS4 console to PS4 Jailbreak, the most common response is “to be able to play pirated games.” A little irresponsible and sad knowing that piracy is illegal and damages the industry by making game development less rewarding, thus discouraging future development of better games and game content. Piracy is actually the main reason why “jailbreaking” has been viewed in a negative light, dubbed by some as the “dark side” of console gaming. However, in reality, most PS4 Jailbreak developers do it to pursue their passion (ex. Information security, programming, game development, etc.), for the thrill of overcoming a challenge, and to give PS4 console owners more freedom in terms of expanding the possibilities and functions of their PS4 to enhance enjoyment and entertainment and making other options available when it comes to content. Not only that, they also don’t like piracy and hope to counter it as they pursue their own goals.

A PS4 Jailbreak developer reportedly said that getting people to patronize Linux as the OS for PS4 and run games and software using Linux instead of the native OS will allow them to channel their efforts from reverse engineering the PS4 infrastructure to Linux. This will stop pirates from leeching off on the source codes that they release to the public, which they use to make money for themselves while bleeding the gaming industry. Linux is essentially useless to pirates so this can actually address piracy issues.







4.  DONE !


The Onset of PS4 PRO Jailbreak

The talk about “jailbreaking” PS4 started to circulate around 2014 when two developers announced that a WebKit (one of the open source software used in PS4) exploit has been confirmed to run on PS4 firmware 1.76 and below. Although it was not very useful, its value is on the fact that it is the first major breakthrough in hacking PS4’s firmware. The pubic reveal dispelled the notion that PS4 is unbreakable and impossible to hack, paving the way for the development of working PS4 Jailbreak.

The following year, a massive PS4 Jailbreak rumor surfaced from Brazil. At the same time, another developer also claimed that he has broken the PS4 firmware on the Kernel level but refused to release the codes.

It turned out the Brazilian PS4 Jailbreak was not really “jailbreaking” in its fullest sense but a WebKit exploit that allowed account holders to share their original product keys or licenses to other people, allowing them to use “cloned” content on their PS4. The exploit used the technique called “PS4 NOR,” which creates a clone of the game that can be “dumped” or stored in a PS4 memory card. Storing the cloned game on the memory card requires an open-source software called “JAISPI.” Once there, a program called “Raspberry PI” writes and reads the cloned game as an active, legitimate content, making it usable on PS4.

The Brazilian PS4 Jailbreak spread like a diseases, prompting Sony to take legal action.

Meanwhile, another PS4PRO Jailbreak developer finally decided to release a fully functional Kernel exploit for PS4 firmware 1.76 and below. Days later, another PS4 Jailbreak developer released the source code required to run other OS on PS4, specifically Linux. Since then, PS4 hacks that run on Linux have been released to the public.

In 2016, a group of developers confirmed that they have a working PS4 PRO. However, they decided to keep the source code private for the time being. Another PS4 Jailbreak developer also announced that he has a PS4 Jailbreak for model 4.5. Until now, this has not been released to the public.
The latest PS4 WebKit exploit was released in March this year but it was not a full jailbreak. One of the prominent PS4 Jailbreak developers said that there are actually many PS4 Kernel exploits in existence, and they are quite easy to discover.

PS4 Jailbreak promises numerous benefits, which include:

1. Getting the most of your device

As the owner, you want to maximize the functionality of your PS4—and you should be able to whenever and however you want. However, due to the restrictions implemented by Sony, some functions and options are blocked off. By converting your unit to PS4 Jailbreak, you regain access to these options such as:

• Copying and saving games and applications on your hardware, thus eliminating the need for a disc to run them
• Making reboot and launching faster by skipping the warnings, logos, and disclaimers, and by being able to load games and applications from your hardware instead of a disc
• Saving and playing optimized video format in high definition but at half the size
• Access to programs that will allow you to modify games according to your liking
• Option to create your own program using your preferred OS
• Access to stand-alone program or extension app that allows you to play no-stock, phased-out, vintage games; games that are not available in PS4; or games that are not available in your region but available in other parts of the world
• Option to install third party programs or applications

2. Ensuring Your Own Device’s Protection

As the one who invested actual money on the device, you should be able to evaluate your own device’s security and patch any vulnerabilities should you find one according to your own choosing, in addition to the official updates. At the very least, you should also know and be able to set the priorities of your security system.

There are service providers who offer IT protection that run on Linux, which PS4 Jailbreak can implement should you wish to avail of such service.

3. Privacy Setting

Being the owner of the device and the keeper of all information stored in it, you should be able to monitor and assign who have access to what type of information in your device. However, this option is not yet available in the current PS4.

…And the Cons

However, since we have already established that PS4 Jailbreak is illegal, you have to be aware of the repercussions of using a modified console. Just like PS3 Jailbreak, PS4 Jailbreak entails the following disadvantages:

Firmware Upgrade – once you convert your PS4 device to PS4 Jailbreak, you will no longer be able to update your firmware using the PSN.

PSN Access – since you are now using an old firmware, you will no longer be able to access the PSN, thus no more previews to the upcoming titles, access to game updates, or avail of discounted games.

Warranty – breaking and tampering with your device’s infrastructure cancels your warranty. So if you are thinking of converting your unit to PS4 Jailbreak, make sure you have enough ventilation for your PS4 to avoid overheating, place it in a stable and secure are that are not vulnerable to swaying limbs, and make sure you stay cool and composed throughout game—smashing the controllers or throwing heavy objects on the black box is no longer an option! Remember: your warranty is no longer in effect.

Online Gaming – playing an online game is the fastest way to get detected by Sony and the Game Developers so if you care about your account, stay low and play solo.
How to Convert PS4 to PS4 PRO Jailbreak

So far, only PS4 firmware of model 1.76 has publicly accessible source code. If your PS4 is 1.76 or lower, then you’re all set for the conversion. If your device is 4.05 or 4.07, great news—some notable PS4 Jailbreak developers confirmed to have the jailbreak for them! Unfortunately, none of them committed anything regarding the release of a fully functional jailbreak for PS4 4.05 and 4.07 firmwares so you might need to wait for a while.

There are several websites on the Internet that offer working jailbreaks for different models. We encourage you to hold back your excitement and remain sane and logical. We understand that it is very tempting to see “100% reliable,” “proven and tested safe and functional,” “latest working jailbreak,” etcetera, etcetera. However, it is important to check first if their claims are true before you dive in and take their surveys, pay for subscriptions, or shell out cash for the “step-by-step guide.” Here are some tips on how to avoid getting scammed by PS4 Jailbreak fake websites:

• Check for the website’s security. Is it safe and verified? Does it have SSL certificate? A trustworthy website have SSL certificate to prove that it is not a malicious website.

• Check for reviews from reputable PS4 community or console gaming forums. Testimonials can be easily generated and posted on the website but real commentaries in an active community is hard to imitate.

• Compare what they offer with the officially announced, publicly released PS4 Jailbreak models. Reputable tech and gaming news sites have direct connection with active PS4 Jailbreak developers so they get to know first once a verified functional PS4 Jailbreak or exploit comes out. Unless the person/s running the website personally know/s and has/have very close relationship with the developers who have the source codes for the firmware of PS4 models 4.05, 4.07, and 4.55, there’s no way for them to have a working jailbreak for those models.

• The same applies for downgrade offers. As of this time, there is no confirmed way to downgrade PS4 model 4.xx to 1.76, which is the only model with guaranteed hackable firmware.

• Similarly, be extra careful with website selling PS4 Jailbreak consoles. Unless you have a way of personally verifying the unit you’re buying or the transaction is protected by Escrow or similar service providers, it’s better to stay away from them.

Your best option is to get your hands on a PS4 with 1.76 firmware or below and then convert it to PS4 Jailbreak. Here are some tips on how to shop safely for a PS4 model 1.76 or lower:

Some advice when shopping for a PS4 PRO:

1. Buy a sealed new device. avoid going for “used,””pre-owned,” or “opened for testing” units to ensure that you will get the correct firmware version.

2. Should you still wish to buy a “used” console, verify with the seller the firmware version before you buy it. Make sure that the confirmation is documented (emailed, screencaptured, or recorded) in case you need to request for replacement or, in worst case scenario, file a dispute.

3. Buy games bundled with old PS4 models. If you’re buying from eBay or Amazon, look for “PS4 Launch” + “Game Console” + “Sealed” (but still confirm with the seller first the details of the inclusions, especially the firmware version of the PS4 to ensure that there are no discrepancies between the listed items and the actual items).

4. Always check for the seller’s return policy. Amazon has a comprehensive, buyer-friendly policy; do not hesitate to use it should the PS4 that arrived on your doorstep is different from what you ordered or expected.


This model is allot more powerful to say the least, this will be the new stepping stone heading towards the PS5 in years to come. If you are after a console that will have better graphics including resolution look no further than the Ps4 Pro. There is already talk that the virtual world will be taking off with the launch of this model. Some of the upgrades include –

8 Jaguar Core
36 compute units at 911 MHz
176 GB/sec
Higher resolution

With any of the old games, sony reports they will still work on this Console This is great news for those that want to do a straight upgrade. The one thing is to remember this is a newer technology and with any updates you have to get the correct Jailbreak for this console. We did mention if you do try and use one of the old Jailbreaks it simply wont work and you will void your warranty.



Before we wrap up this guide on PS4 Jailbreak, let us leave you with one final advice: Make sure that you understand what you are doing. It’s okay to admit it if you don’t. That way, you can look for someone else who does. You have gone through a lot to get this far, don’t let your efforts and investment go to waste–be on the safe side and just hire someone knowledgeable to do the conversion for you.